5-Week Self Defense Academy (Continually Enrolling)


Starting March 14, 2022

Classes run for 10 weeks

from 6PM to 7PM.

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5-week Academy runs Monday and Wed from 6pm-7pm for 10 weeks

Classes are enrolling continually.

Mission Statement
• To provide professional self-defense and personal protection training to all students.
• To build confidence and create public awareness about the reality and effectiveness of all self defense training.
• We will provide cutting edge concepts, training and knowledge for the absolute benefit of the student.
• We will constantly evaluate and improve all training techniques and training skills.
• To provide the best atmosphere and training experience for all students without bias to age, race, sex or experience level.
• To change the way the world views self-defense training, philosophy and necessity.

Congratulations and welcome to the Combat Objective Battle Ready Application self defense program (C.O.B.R.A.). You are participating in an exciting and cutting-edge training program to greatly increase your physical and mental ability to defend yourself and others around you.
Participating in the C.O.B.R.A. program, puts you in the top 5% of the population. What does that mean? It means that people often talk about taking action and doing something, but only 5% of those people actually bridge the gap between talking and doing. So, if you are in the C.O.B.R.A. program, you are not a talker, you are a doer. Your reasons for joining the program may be different from the next person’s, but no matter what the reason is, you still deserve and will get the very best training and experience. Whether you are in the C.O.B.R.A. academy or core classes, this program focuses on one consistent thing: the safety and security of you, the student.

Before you get started, we must warn you that reality training can sometimes be intense and of an adult nature. The training may not always be intense in a physical manner; however, some of the verbal assertiveness drills and discussion of the criminal element are conducted to simulate real life. The training conducted in this program is done strictly for professional training purposes only and is not intended to offend anyone
in a personal manner.

The C.O.B.R.A. program was created to arm the student with a high level of personal security, and the ability to survive in today’s world. Just as you buy insurance for your car because you cannot control how other people drive, you should invest in your personal safety by learning self-defense. So get ready and get motivated, because you are on an exciting new journey. Your experience in this program can greatly benefit and
change your life, but you must first complete the program – so, let’s get started.

The C.O.B.R.A. self-defense program has been created from years of real-life experience and training in the areas of law enforcement, corrections, martial arts and reality-based, hand-to-hand combat. Also included in the program are many psychological and verbal combat tactics as they relate to self-defense. C.O.B.R.A. is an exclusive program which will provide realistic and, more importantly, effective self-defense for anyone who participates.

It seems that the more complicated and crazy society becomes, the less we pay attention to our personal safety and security. The average person who wants to learn self-defense should not have to go without the opportunity because they feel as if they cannot do it. Whether a person feels they are too old, out of time, intimidated by the thought of testing in the martial arts, or any reason at all, he or she should still be able to
receive self-defense training. C.O.B.R.A. is a program for anyone at any level, and can be learned in a relatively short amount of time. Most importantly, it is very effective.

Everything in this program has a genuine function and purpose. Every minute is packed with verbal, physical, and mental self-defense techniques. It is a fact that when stress is put on your body, you may shut down physically and mentally if you panic. The training you receive in the program breaks down those mental barriers so you can function through a stressful situation. This is a must in the real world, where the consequences can be devastating. You will be training in a highly structured and safe  environment utilizing scenarios, drills, seminars, and a wide variety of offensive and defensive techniques. To drive it home, we will review classes and you will track your progress in your student training manual. You will be writing, reviewing, and practicing the techniques taught in class to help you retain the material. Remember, we are all working together, and everyone will be moving at the same pace.

You will need to stay focused, stay motivated, ask questions, and come to class. If you can do that, you will maximize your experience and get the most out of this program.

What is Expected of You C.O.B.R.A.’s objective is clear. The course is laid out in a manner so that all students experience a safe, fun, and accelerated training environment. During your ten-week academy, you will be required to adhere to a few expectations:

  • You will be required to attend 80% of the academy classes to successfully graduate (make-up classes are not always available). This is a vital part of your experience as a C.O.B.R.A. student. Through studies of the human ability to retain information, we know you must, at a bare minimum, attend eight of the ten weeks of training to successfully learn and retain skills and benefit from the program.
  • Another expectation, and possibly the most important, is that all students will be held to the highest standard of safety while conducting training drills. Your ability to be aware of your strength and to conduct yourself in a safe and professional manner while participating in classes will directly affect the rate at which you and your academy teammates learn and train.

Here are some tips to help you quickly accomplish that:

  • Immediately gain your instructors’ and teammates’ trust by being modest in your abilities.
  • Utilize all safety measures to prevent accidents and keep yourself focused on the task at hand. This will ensure that you and your teammates safely negotiate your ten-week academy.
  • “Lead by example” is a phrase that embodies C.O.B.R.A. You will be expected to put your full effort and attention into every class. If you do not understand a technique, it is your responsibility to address this to an instructor before it causes injury to you or others. This will prevent accidents while training.
  • If at any time you observe or suspect an unsafe act is about to occur, your number one responsibility is to prevent it from happening.
  • You will be expected to have control over the speed and power at which you perform your techniques.
  • You must check your ego at the door and commit yourself to professional training at all times.
  • In addition, you are expected to enjoy the journey. Yes, this is a self-defense academy that focuses on crisis situations, but enjoying the process leaves you more in tune to it, and able to learn and relate.

The program structure is professionally maintained to better serve the students.