Black Belt Academy


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                 BLACK BELT ACADEMY


“A Black Belt is a White belt that never quit.”

 If you are new to training, you may be surprised at how different Kokoro Ryu is, even if you have never trained in martial arts before, or your level of fitness is not the highest.


If you are continuing your training after taking our C.O.B.R.A.™ Self-Defense Academy, Kokoro Ryu is a smooth transition from an academy into a longer-term, modern, non-traditional adult program.


95% of the curriculum is straight from the Best realistic techniques taken from several Martial Arts Styles.

(A Combined Martial Arts System).


You can achieve rank based on both solid attendance and improved skills.


It seamlessly combines Military, Self-defense, Martial Arts, Boxing and Kickboxing techniques.


It takes away the mystery or stigma that many attach to traditional martial arts schools. No Bowing in, No funny looking pajamas (Uniforms). You will wear workout clothing.  You will learn a system (not a style) that really works.


Grand Master Jack Salesses has over 45 years of Documented Martial Arts Training and holds both 5th and 7th Degree Blackbelts as well as a World Power breaking Champion, Golden Gloves Boxer and Former New England Middleweight Kickboxing Champion. He is the Head Grandmaster of The Combat Kokoro Ryu system and internationally recognized.


$99/Monthly– No Contracts, No Testing Fees, No Belt Fees, No Uniforms